The project

Any change brings with it a new language with its own vocabulary, its own revealing images and its new alphabet to share it. So Zeranta creates a new alphabet made of 21* microworlds, 21 words, 21 revealing images to tell the process of ISTAT innovation and show the great transformations in the official statistics at the service of the country).



*The italian alphabet consists of 21

When digital innovation marks an epochal passage, the kind of evolutionary leap that happens when the speed is so fast and strong to turn one object into another completely new and more powerful, we need a narrative key to translate a global change of such a scale.


So the choice has fallen on two objects of exponential value, two instruments communicative generators of infinite symbols and images: the alphabet and the infinitely small of a universe in miniature.

A micro-set hosted the exhibition of 21 significant scenes, 21 emblematic pictures of italian continuous transformation photographed by the largest official statistical institute.
This is the outcome.
ABC, the new ISTAT alphabet.