A Bridge between the Past and Innovation

The University of Naples Federico II, one of the oldest and most prestigious academic institutions in the world, celebrates its 800th anniversary in 2024.



To mark this historic milestone, an ambitious project has been developed to renew and consolidate the University’s image in the international context. Zeranta, in close collaboration with the University’s ‘800th Anniversary Table’, was tasked with creating a website that would act as the beating heart of the celebrations and merge past, present and future into a single digital continuum.



A task that required a deep immersion into the rich history of the University and the figure of its founder, Emperor Federico II.

Historical Insight and Conceptualisation

Emperor Federico II, known for his innovative spirit and support of culture, founded the University in 1224, establishing one of the first state universities in the world, destined to become a centre of free and accessible knowledge.



To reflect Federico II’s avant-garde vision and the university’s historical role in promoting free thinking, the Zeranta team began the project with an in-depth historical study. The research encompassed not only the highlights of the emperor’s life but also the various evolutionary stages of the institution, laying the foundations for a site that would be a fitting tribute to the University’s legacy.

Site Design and Development

Incorporating the collected historical elements, the site’s structure was designed to navigate through the cultural events and different ‘seasons’ of the University, highlighting significant events and key figures.


The design was guided by the branding previously developed by the Zeranta team, which maintained a balance between classic aesthetics and modern functionality, reflecting the union of tradition and innovation that characterises the University. During the development phase, particular attention was given to ease of navigation, ensuring that users could easily explore historical and informative content, as well as actively participate in scheduled events.


The site was implemented with state-of-the-art technology to ensure a smooth user experience accessible to an international and diverse audience. The event management system, integrated into the site, allows visitors to easily book attendance at conferences, seminars and celebrations, reflecting the University’s dynamism and openness to the outside world. The ‘Federiciani Ambassadors’ part of the site has also strengthened the sense of belonging among former students and attracted new collaborations.

Collaboration With the University's 800 Year Table

The creation of the website was the result of valuable collaborative work between Zeranta and the University’s 800 Years Table. This synergy overcame technical and logistical challenges, integrating a variety of multimedia content into the site that enriched the user experience.


The collaboration also facilitated the inclusion of interactive features that allowed the University to manage events and initiatives related to the Celebrations in an efficient and engaging manner, while also ensuring that each element was accurate and respectful of academic tradition.

Final Impact and Reflections

The site has been enthusiastically received by the academic community and the public, becoming a point of reference for those wishing to discover the history and participate in the University’s initiatives. More than just a communication tool, the site has been a symbol of the University’s ongoing commitment to innovation and the dissemination of knowledge.

The collaboration between Zeranta and the University of Naples Federico II highlighted how technology can effectively serve culture and education, strengthening the link between past and future and between University and community.



This project allowed Zeranta Digital to significantly contribute to the celebrations of such an important anniversary, emphasising the importance of enhancing cultural heritage through digital tools. The creation of the website has strengthened the University’s link with its community and the world, projecting its historical heritage into a new global context.


The experience with the University of Naples Federico II has enriched our portfolio not only in terms of technical skills but also on a cultural and social level. This project has shown that digital, when intertwined with tradition and a passion for knowledge, can create bridges that cross centuries.
Zeranta is proud to have been part of this significant chapter in the history of the University of Naples Federico II.


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