the project

Training for us is more and more a cogeneration laboratory where the experiences of individuals are multiplied by paths of sharing knowledge and techniques selected and synthesized by our teachers.
Participants directly experience a fun learning style that trains critical skills and strengthens the knowledge acquired.


Of the many training courses, one of the most exciting and complete projects carried out is certainly COOP POP, for which in a few months we have involved 10,000 employees of Coop Alleanza 3.0, less than a year after the merging of the three large retail cooperatives in the organized Coop Italia system.

The new day of Coop Alliance 3.0 Knowledge, skills and actions.


Zeranta Edutainment designs and implements a plan of training events to build the vision of change already underway.  A single day with eight hours of co-generation, enhancement of excellence and motivation in the classroom to transmit knowledge, skills and actions capable of activating a paradigm shift, a radical transformation of the large retail sector way of working.


10,000 workers involved in 52,400 hours of training which starts from the skills and the different way in approaching the customer and offering a service.


Challenge themselves and learn to trust each other.

A real interactive experience in a bottom-up logic in which managers and store staff sit around a round table to reflect together on methods and new strategies. Knowing how to value and look at your working day from a different perspective means making a virtuous change. Growing together while having fun.


Zeranta thus plans a transformative event based on active work and fun learning. The rhythm is lively but the goal is ambitious: to help the audience develop their adult life. To give each participant who leaves the classroom the awareness of having responsibilities and of being able to influence their work and life context.

Mental maps for team building, video feedback from clients, gamification, moments of confrontation and food for thought put at the centre of the training days workers and members in an experience that, judging by the participants, hits the mark.