the project

Zeranta has been designing and caring the artistic direction, the festival has been co-conceived with the University of Udine in collaboration with the CRUI and Fondazione Crup.


In July 2015 and July 2016 the city of Udine experienced an opportunity to reflect upon the theme thew transfer of the knowledge ConoscenzaInFesta (the Feast of the knowledge) is running up to become a privileged observatory on new educational paths, from the school to the university and to the enterprise.
A regular event, a cheerful feast, a place to attend interactive conferences, discussions, art installations, sensorial experiences and case histories of new methodologies; a chance to blur the line between learning and teaching.

It is a way to start the desire for knowledge, to rediscover the desire to go back to study or to regenerate the pleasure of teaching in those who have lost it. It is a way of reactivating the impulse to become better individuals in a better community.


Three are the festival narrative and exploration lines.


Desire: how to turn on the curiosity of learning and motivate to knowledge;


Methods: what is the state of the art in the different possibilities of creating, spreading and transferring knowledge;


New knowledge: what are the frontiers of knowledge, what we must learn as individuals, professionals and citizens in order to face the challenges of our time.

View the  2015 edition’s videotrailer 

Visualizza il videoracconto dell’2017 edition’s videotrailer

Visualizza il videoracconto dell2018 edition’s videotrailer