the project

A national project realized thanks to the funding of the Lazio Region, POR 2014-2020 ERDF European Regional Development Fund.

Walk & Learn is the first geo-localized immersive reality app that allows you to transform a walkway, a path or a simple walk through a natural or archaeological park into itineraries of knowledge.

An innovative concept of “Widespread Museum” through which you can discover the places, whether they are new or those where you may have passed hundreds of times, through a unique and original view, walking individually or in groups accompanied by the words and stories of famous historical figures.


Walk & Learn promotes both the small great beauty of the many Italian territories often still unknown but also fast tourism in big cities where there is a need for routes that could create links between sites and museums to give an overview of the stratified stories of the Italian cultural heritage.
Walk & Learn represents the first look at a territory that allows you to create fast itineraries with an overall view.



Visitors are enlightened by the desire for knowledge that they can then satisfy with a professional guide by entering
in a museum, a palace or a library.