the project

SALLY – Our children’s TV show in winning Hollywood.


The format The adventures of Sally represents an important example of transmediality and the great opportunities for innovation possible in business communication.


It all started with the idea of donating a fairy tale. An idea that has become a wonderful collaborative writing project carried out by Intesa Sanpaolo’s training service. Within an online community, employees were involved in writing fairy tales that could tell their children about the fundamental values of living in our society: trust, collaboration, savings, sustainable energy and the value of natural resources.

When invited to give shape to the written material Zeranta does it with the format The Adventures of Sally and turns it into a children’s TV series, a book with DVD and a travelling theatre show staged in different Italian cities just for the children of the employees.

An important chance for Zeranta to experiment, thanks to a collective work, the themes of narration and, more generally, storytelling. The project involved thousands of people in the different phases, from writing to the selection of the works.

Why write fairy tales for your children? Above all, why does a company take on this investment?


We found the answers between the lines of the initiative’s forum: a father who for the first time stopped after dinner to write a story with his daughter; a young colleague who wrote a fairy tale with her flatmates even though she had no children.
Often these fairy tales are the translation of daily problems, elaborated and dramatically reported, sometimes solved. In their stories, employees take the opportunity to better understand their lives, private or professional.


Writing becomes an opportunity for knowledge and change; perhaps the best gift for themself and an added value for the community.

The format has become a book, a DVD, a board game and a children’s TV series in 12 episodes. It has won three international festivals, including the Hollywood International Family Film Festival as Best Foreign Film.


A MrArkadin Film production and Zeranta Edutainment srl.