the project

Imagine you are a singer. During your concert fans are jumping and cheering in unison for each of your songs and you feel full of energy and enthusiastic. Now imagine instead that the applause doesn’t come during the show but after six months or a year. How do you feel about that?


As advisors this is how we can describe the scenario we find in organizations about the feedback issue.
With the arrival of the millenials, the introduction of Smart Work and the increase in interactions between people inside and outside the organisation, the need for a widespread leadership of agile solutions that facilitate the exchange of opinions and responses in a continuous flow is becoming increasingly evident.


The Feedback ( is an agile tool to encourage a feedback culture in the company as a means for improvement.


It is time to integrate “performance management” with “performance feedback” through an exchange that is:

  • peer to peer
  • open
  • more frequent and real-time
  • more compelling
  • more goal-oriented
  • more interesting for millenials


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