FVG Digitale for DITEDI ICT Cluster of Friuli Venezia Giulia

Zeranta Digital has had the honor of being actively involved in the FVG Digitale project since its first edition in 2021 and has continued to contribute creative input for the recent third edition in 2023.
This extraordinary initiative is the result of the synergy between DITEDI, the renowned Friuli Venezia Giulia ICT cluster, and the prestigious Universities of Udine and Trieste. Together, they have joined forces to survey the growth and development of ICT companies in the region, demonstrating the region’s potential and determination to embrace digital innovation.


FVG Digitale, an initiative created by DITEDI, has the ambitious goal of examining and enhancing the digital landscape in Friuli Venezia Giulia, providing a wide range of stimulus, analysis and proposals aimed at promoting its development. The promotion and identity of this project was handled by Zeranta Digital, which took care of every aspect, from the conception of the brand to the organization of the event, culminating in the creation of the printed material that collects the final report written by the Universities of Udine and Trieste.

The project

We produced multimedia materials capable of capturing users’ attention, including dynamic presentations for the event itself and motion graphics, ideal for online communication and enriching participants’ experience during the event. In addition, we ensured the production of high-quality printed communication materials, taking advantage of the collaboration with the prestigious Tipografia Marioni snc, one of the historical printers in the area. Our web department actively worked on the creation of a dedicated landing page for each edition, providing a preview of the topics covered in the report and facilitating audience engagement through digital advertising campaigns.
To further expand the interested audience, the first two editions were streamed on YouTube, thus leaving the event usable over time.

The impact of FVG Digitale

In each of its editions, FVG Digitale has proven to be an important opportunity for the region’s different digital realities to meet, inspire and reflect. Through steady growth year after year, it has consolidated its position as an authentic mirror of the digital dynamics of the region, confirming its central role in providing an overview of the regional ICT sector.