the project

A national project realized thanks to the funding of the Lazio Region, POR 2014-2020 ERDF European Regional Development Fund.

The App will tell and preserve the wonders of small and large Italian municipalities starting from Rieti, thanks to the valuable contribution of the cultural association Next Rieti, which has long been involved in mapping the territory of Rieti identifying the places and characters of major historical and cultural importance and developing the narrative content of each story, such as those of St. Francis and Varrone.

The experience that we have developed for travelers will let them choose itineraries accompanied by great characters linked to the stories of that territory and through immersive content such as video, audio, virtual tours, will let them learn the narration the historical and cultural wonders of those lands.

This app takes the concept of digital guide to a level never explored before, with possibility for small municipalities to create tickets for their public, urban and naturalistic heritage.
Walk & Learn is a great opportunity for the entire cultural and knowledge production chain, for all operators related to tourism. With this app a small but precious territory like Rieti, the central Italy from which we started, and other “minorsystems” enter the network with other small and big Italian and European stories.



We want to combine the beauty of the stories and the goodness of those who have the ability to generate value from all this.