the project

So many energies and collaborations to realize this project created by Fondazione ANT and Associazione HIT (Human inspired tecnology Research Centre) – University of Padua, with Samsung technological support.


The Look of Life is a scientific study directly at the home of oncologic patients in order to assess how virtual reality can be used to improve their lives.

On this occasion Zeranta produced 3D-360° videos to watch using GEARVR viewers so as to allow Fondazione ANT operators to bring the immersive experience directly to patients’ homes and investigate how this can have effects on pain and alterations of the mood.


Using Virtual Reality as a machine for empathy, giving a relaxing moment, awaking the attention and the pleasure of discovery through emotions such joy and amazement, all things that illness often takes away from the daily life of the patients and their family.

The final phase of the project also led to the creation of videos based on patient preferences.