the project

Zeranta Edutainment presents Rasha’s Dream, an international film production that focuses on the integration of the cultural, religious, and political aspects of a country as a necessary form of human evolution.


Rasha’s Dream was born from the meeting between Italian director Alessandro Guidotti and Lebanese screenwriter and videomaker Lina Joukhadar. Through its characters, Rasha’s Dream is able to convey a sense of freedom made of understanding, communication and respect for all the differences that make us belong to a particular society.
The conviction that this project is a quality product with a strong communicative urgency has led us to invest our time in the production of this work hoping it will soon find new travel companions, in Italy and abroad.
So far we have found a great availability from many festivals and distributors, especially in Canada, Germany and Middle East.

SYNOPSIS – Leila, a 30-year-old girl, comes to Beirut to make a documentary for a Master’s degree in war communication. The girl’s resoluteness in facing risks on her path, however, hides a personal motivation: to know her story. Leila, in fact, grew up in an orphanage in France and only when she reached the age of majority she discovered that she was born in Beirut at the most critical moment of the Lebanese civil war. Through the memories of witnesses who experienced the war in the “front line”, Leila embarks on a journey through memories that will lead her to meet Amin, a Christian painter who was widowed by his wife Rasha, a Muslim journalist murdered during the war. When Amin remembers a dream of his beloved wife, Leila realizes that she is standing in front of her father and solves the enigma hidden in her past: she is the daughter of a mixed couple’s love story that was shattered by the civil war. The ” Rasha’s Dream” represents the cry of hope of Leila and the other characters fighting for a Lebanon in peace, tolerance and love of their multicultural identity.