il progetto

The “International Museum Day 2020”, promoted by ICOM (International Council of Museums), came to coincide with the conclusion of the quarantine days imposed by the Covid-19 emergency, a period that was an opportunity to reflect on how to rethink, enhance and design museum itineraries as public access services related to art and culture.


Museums for equality: diversity and inclusion” was in fact the theme of this edition, declined by Intesa Sanpaolo in collaboration with Zeranta Edutainment in a totally new remote immersive experience, the result of a benchmarking activity on virtual tours of the world’s greatest museums associated with the visitor design work, on which Zeranta has specific know-how.


“For this virtual tour we went beyond the mere technical shooting with 360° cameras of a place – says art director Iader Giraldi – We visited the exhibition, studied the route and the materials produced for the visit in the presence and built an immersive experience that first considered the peculiarities of the work, then the space and last but not least the beautiful story developed by the curators on the dialogue between Canova and Thorvaldsen”.


Enter the virtual tour

In addition to a 360° filming, the tour is enriched by the inclusion of some videos made with light machine movements that highlight the harmony of the skillfully set up spaces.

More videos are accompanying the audioguides along the path with a montage of glances on the details of the works, as if to reproduce the behavior of our eyes in front of so much beauty.


The eye looks for detail and framing at the edge of blur.

All eyes do this, even without awareness, thus mounting a plan “oscar” sequences.

Using a 12k camera allowed the virtual tour to make the most of the scenic lighting created by Gallerie d’Italia – Piazza della Scala to highlight the sculptures of the two great artists.

Finally, in line with the Galleria d’Italia’s focus on promoting the most possible inclusive enjoyment of art and culture, there were produced a series of in-depth contributions to the exhibit masterpieces in LIS (Italian Sign Launguage).