The latest research tells us how one of the keys to creating wellbeing, talent retention and attraction is in volunteering and activities with strong social innovation. Zeranta has several formats in its team building and design portfolio that enable people in organizations to coach their performance while working in third sector, volunteer, and arts settings.


One of the most innovative formats is the one created at the Museum of Light in Librino, a suburb of Catania. That Italian periphery abandoned by politics and society where problems of confidence in the future and in one’s own abilities take on such an impact that they feed the vicious cycle of the underworld organizations that right here come to gather new workers and professionalism. In this context, for over twenty years Antonio Presti, an enlightened Sicilian patron of the arts, with his Fiumara d’Arte Foundation, has been working with what he describes as the politics of beauty. In recent years he has managed to involve nearly 60,000 citizens including more than 30,000 children in artistic activities, working on inclusion, legality and against school dropout.


Out of this experience comes the team building we designed for STMicroelectronics involving the interaction of participants with Presti’s latest work “The Door of Beauty” a monumental work almost two kilometers long and composed of about one hundred thousand pieces of terracotta. Participants meet the patron who talks about his thinking, his working method and the history of this neighborhood, walking through the most significant streets. An immersion in the Italian suburbs, its dramas and hopes. Then we visit, again in a guided tour, the Magma diffuse museum, Museum of Light in Librino, and enter the design codes of his works. The activity culminates when participants return to the Foundation’s workshop and, with Presti’s advice, produce a work with a precise meaning that will have to interact with the Door of Beauty. Thus they will work with the symbol (values to bring to the company) but also with the sign (techniques and grammars of art) in order to explore what siginfica to do social innovation with art. This out of the box work is at first a personal and intimate experience but also becomes an opportunity for contaminations of techniques and methodologies to be brought into the company with the final reflections of our trainers.