the project

Post-apocalyptic scenario, whiskey to warm bones and heart from the unnatural cold that only a human catastrophe can cause, the eyes of Tony Sperandeo that, in an instant, make you regret having tried a bit of heat.
Zeranta has edited the production of I Remember When That Happened,  intense short film directed by Alfonso Bergamo, with Tony Sperandeo, Barbara Bacci, Randall Paul, Craig Peritz, Elena Romagnoli, Anita Tenerelli, Alessandro de Simone.

2068. The Earth is Frozen. A small group of survivors struggles for life in a tiny mountain refuge. And then, one day, a stranger arrives. Is it ever to late to start over? Or can we save ourselves from present doom simply by healing the wounds of our past?


I Remember When that Happened: An Allegorical Call-Out to an Ailing World.