PrimaVera MIND Fest was the two-day event that actually inaugurated the new district that arose in a part of the formerExpo Area 2015: MIND Village.
In accordance with the most innovative, inclusive and sustainable requests that are the basis of the thought of the entire project, these two days have been designed with a rich schedule of transversal experiences for all ages: sports, workshops, exhibitions, talks, music, food and much more.
For the occasion, a kilometer and a half of the Decumano has been set up with activities aimed at different targets: adults, children and families. All the activities worked on the key words of the project: innovation, creativity, inclusion and sustainability.


The people who came enjoyed the event to the point of becoming ambassadors of the same, thus allowing a total turnout of over 11,000 people.
Visitors did not come and go, but stopped for almost the whole day, visiting the area and actively participating in the various activities. This means that they not only enjoyed themselves, but also shared the values of the project and the experiences consistently created. In light of this, from our point of view, not only have they known MIND but they have also understood and experienced it. Therefore, to date, we can define participants as possible promoters of the values and experience of MIND.


The entire decumanus area was properly signaled by several totems that directed people to each of the 25 activities to participate in, scheduled in a dense program.

The brightest minds behind the design and innovation of MIND, along with famous people in the field of culture, art and music, such as Elisa, Giulio Maira and Alessandro Ossola, have come together to inspire visitors with their stories.
During the weekend this area welcomed over 1,500 people and hosted 21 speakers for a total of over 12 hours of talk.
Illustrators and artists involved the public in the realization of two works of the length of 15m involving over 200 participants to give a collective signature to the opening of the MIND Village.
Cascina Triulza, in the heart of the Village, has become part of the MIND Community, offering restoration laboratories, educational robotics laboratories, immersive STEM courses and the “Plant it together!” and “Walk in Rho – MIND”.
Astrazeneca, a global biopharmaceutical company engaged in the development and marketing of ethical drugs and the first private company to establish itself in MIND. On the occasion of the PrimaVera MIND Fest, Astrazeneca told its story in the world of LifeScience inviting its 150 employees and their families to an open day.
Body and mind involved in unison. Two young champions, Pietro Torre and Edoardo Cantini, gold medal for teams under 20 at the World Championships in Dubai, accompanied the most intrepid visitors of MIND within this historic discipline.
Every hour a different discipline to try: Saturday with Paolo Zotta, the famous Milanese trainer, hip hop and the dancehall of Lil Cri, the acrobatic circus of Kira and finally the theater, La Metamorfosi of the Teatro dell’Armadillo.
If the Jordans are not just a pair of shoes, but the memory of a great champion and an American basketball that is more show than result, you will be amazed, as were the MIND spring visitors, watching the DaMove show. Freestyle shows, flights and under the basket by a team that wants to innovate basketball in Italy.
An exhibition with 15 design ideas for the new MIND urban seating. The result of the international workshop that involved 45 students of the master’s degree program in Interior & Spatial Design of the Politecnico di Milano, in collaboration with Lendlease. Curated by Ico Migliore and Paolo Giacomazzi, with Rossella Forioli and Viola Incerti.
Blindfolded, a simple obstacle becomes an opportunity. A journey within oneself through a sensory path where, thanks to the subtraction of sight, the other senses and the entire human machine are reactivated. To learn how the senses, often forgotten, are the main doors of knowledge and learning, through different channels, suggestions and skills.
There are those who clear the cellar and throw everything away and there are those who transform a cluster of woods of various nature and origin into a game, a laboratory, to finish in an artistic installation created by the participants. Many wooden blocks arranged to be assembled together, with the possibility of creating fantastic worlds, abstract sculptures, imaginary cities.
At sunset, visitors were able to get up in the sky with the MIND balloon and experience the thrill of climbing the basket, pulling the rope of the burner, feeling the heat rising and magically rising in the air for a look from above on the outskirts of Milan.
Only one ingredient: happiness. During the block, from the Beeozanam Community Hub in Turin, 500 envelopes-kits are sent to twenty-six residential communities and nine schools. Each envelope contains a handwritten letter, an image and a small object: the story of a stranger who tells his happy moment.
Large colored bubbles, a cart full of surprises, smoke tamed by a skilled clown, a magical show for children of all ages. Atmospheres of an ancient street theater that excites, makes laugh and amuses with intelligence.
By Capsula Srl, a Health Pod Lifestyle. A kiosk where those who enter can, in a few minutes, independently and with extreme privacy, carry out a series of self-assessment tests of their general health and lifestyle.
Imagine the scientists of tomorrow. DNA is an essential molecule of life and contains all the information about us. The process of extracting DNA from a fruit is a simple and playful way to easily understand the experiments, research and development that the science of life can do thanks to this famous interweaving of molecules. A children’s workshop that can teach adults a lot.
Workshop focused on innovative techniques and wild ingredients for exceptional non-alcoholic cocktails. The workshop brings participants closer to the urban flora (and not) and the interesting opportunities that biodiversity offers, also in“gastronomic” terms.
From morning to evening, on the great stage of MIND at the center of the Decumano, there were emerging musicians who, in line with the district of innovation, elaborate contaminations between genres, eras and geographies. Lyrics, jazz quartets, ethnic groups, static and itinerant bands that recover all the taste of concert and live outdoor music.


The PrimaVera MIND Fest was able to count on a greater number of active participants than only visitors, a sign that people who came to see the MIND district have found, in an unexpected way, a series of activities to live in first person. This has allowed us to concretely transfer the values on which MIND is based: creativity, inclusion, innovation and search for a new way to live the neighborhood of the future.