Here is a recent case that will make you experience first-hand what Phigital training and Edutainment mean forZeranta.
We will tell you about a project in which we have integrated in the Learning Experience different channels, physical and digital. Experiences sometimes fun, other times deep, learning both autonomous and socialized. All held together by the thread of organizational development.


In Rinascente Zeranta has developed a training project for sales staff, managers and employees, to improve the storytelling skills of brands and products: Storyselling in Rinascente.
It was an articulated path in which different training methods were integrated, in presence and online, synchronous and asynchronous.
All supported by our webapp Feedback that welcomed in addition to the tools needed for training, also the gamification in which participants were involved and which led to the award of the best ‘Storyselling’ made by sellers.
We ringed self-training pills, workshops in presence, digital and interactive webinars, clips of a few seconds that activated or reinforced concepts.
Many of these can be used “anytime, anywhere, any device”, individually or in groups. They are triggers to bring the training setting to the sales level; opportunities not only for learning but also for animation and engagement ‘on the floor’.


Sales Assistants have acquired the ability to narrate the intrinsic value of the product or brand, managing to touch the emotional strings of the customer.
They are now aware of how effective storytelling is a fundamental part of the shopping experience, having personally experienced the attraction.
The project also offered opportunities to play the boss – collaborator relationship on the field of lightness and development.


Several educational settings have alternated along the path as in a dance so composed.
INTERACTIVE WEBINAR: a virtual space full of interactions to generate engagement and introduce content.
EDU CLIPS: to deepen narrative methods and techniques.
ISTANT CLIPS: short clips used by managers to animate ‘on the floor’ teams on storyselling issues, reinforce content and speed up the transfer of learning.
WARM UP MANAGER: workshop to prepare managers to facilitate learning gyms with their sellers on the real content of the brands on sale.
GAMIFICATION: Participants self-produced videos with their best storytelling and uploaded them to the project app. The likes assigned and a jury of experts led to the award of the most effective video.


The Feedback webapp was the easy channel on which all project initiatives were uploaded.
A technology that allows an optimized view for both smartphone and desktop, with an icon always available on your smartphone, with the advantage of not charging the space of your personal phone. 
Thanks to this tool, participants were able to activate the practices of the project and in particular: view the various call to action directly on their phone; see, vote and comment, all the videos uploaded for gamification; deepen the contents thanks to the Edu&Istant Clip; for managers, have their training kit available to facilitate the workshops.