the project

A great project throughout Italy that led to the making of the film Le Radici del Futuro (The Roots of the Future), a collective autobiography made for Intesa Sanpaolo. The project involved 500 people from the Corporate and Public Finance Division to whom Zeranta asked to write stories  representing real situations, positive or not, of their working day, in order to make a photograph of Italy from their professional point of view.


Once selected 30 short stories, Zeranta built a screenplay for a 4 episode film. The involvement of people was not limited to writing: after a selection through auditions, twenty of the participants were selected to act in the film together with professional actors. In Le Radici del Futuro a community is narrated through the staging of their daily stories.


A docufiction? A fiction? Perhaps a new genre, neorealism in colour.

The film was presented in a movie theater in front of an enthusiastic and excited audience, a professional community that with this collaborative story has fixed in the collective memory of the group the desires, fears, vocations and the spirit that will continue to animate it in the future.