the project

The first time we collaborated with the MC A architects’ studio was for a museum projects.


This time we were involved in the creation of an exhibition project that could describe the theme of environmental sustainability in the works realized by the studio, a theme that has always been one of the ideals of Mario Cucinella’s architectural vision and of his work.
Created to be seen around the world, this project is designed to be made with sustainable material and easily disassembled and reassembled.

After comparing the ideas with the architect and his staff, we found the solution in an interlocking structure made of fire-retardant multilayer plywood cards measuring 110x70cm, on whose sides were printed photographs of the architectures created by the studio alternating with images of the original drawings of the projects, descriptive texts and photographs of plants and natural elements.


In addition to these 80 plywood cards to complete the structure, three special ones were provided: a transparent Plexiglas card on which, thanks to the application of an invisible film, it  was possible to project videos showing interviews with various collaborators of the MCA studio; a card containing a 21″ touchscreen to visualize a virtual tour of the MCA studios and other video contents; a card featuring a HOLOLED  generating 3d holographic images to show the renderings of the studio’s projects as if they were suspended in a vacuum, arousing a lot curiosity and wonder.


The papers and all the technological material were then placed inside a case built specifically to contain the work and allow it to travel the Bienal de Arquitectura in Buenos Aires for its first world exhibition.