the project

On 13 February 2015, in collaboration with the Museo del Risparmio di Torino (of Intesa Sanpaolo) and FEUDUF (theFoundation on education in economics and savings), Zeranta presents the event entitled “EDUPOP.  The new financial education very pop and a bit rock. Because there is a need to innovate content and teaching”.


For the occasion, Zeranta Edutainment has produced a series of educational videos for children on the economic disclosure.

The videos were made using the stop-motion technique and in three different languages (Italian, English and Slovak). Through this technique the human interventions are reduced to a minimum because the story is told through objects and drawings, much more effective elements in order to involve the child in a fantastic reality where learning complex themes will be easier.


The visual experience unhinges the didactics to introduce creative and playful processes.