the project

A2A’s AFC Division decides to create a sense making and envisioning event with the aim of bringing 250 employees in the Finance structure to think as a single team in view of the digital challenge to be faced.
Zeranta sets up for the participants an immersive path through a tunnel consisting of five rooms, from the old way of managing the work to a new vision:


1) How we collaborate, how we work;
2) How we communicate;
3) Who we are, who we must be;
4) How the world changes: The Beauty of Numbers;
5) How we must change.

Particularly spectacular and evocative of the new visions is the interior of the fourth room, in which we have animated a work by the Venetian artist Tobia Ravà, projecting the numbers and letters that compose it on the three walls of the room and creating a carpet on the floor as a continuation of the painting itself; hence the title “The Beauty Of Numbers“.  A conceptual path converged in a conference and a subsequent work of cogeneration in subgroups that produced concrete proposals for a greater sharing of information and collaboration between the different working groups. Some proposals were then implemented by the management.