The expression “widespread museum” is a relatively recent concept, born to express the close relationship with the territory that characterizes the museums in our country. Within this framework is the activity we are carrying out on the Tratturo Magno l’Aquila-Foggia, the longest of the Italian sheep-tracks on which millions of sheep have passed over the centuries, which shepherds moved in May and September between Abruzzo and Puglia via Molise.

Thanks to our Walk&Learn app, anyone who travels the stretch through Upper Apulia in the province of Foggia will be able to listen to micro audio narratives, written by our author Roberto Pagliara, scattered along the open-air path through the municipalities of Serracapriola, Chieuti, San Paolo di Civitate, Torremaggiore, Apricena, Poggio Imperiale and San Severo, which is the project leader for the province of Foggia.

This is a communication project for the citizens of the territories, financed by the LAG Daunia Rurale, with which it is intended to stimulate a process of greater closeness and in-depth study of what the presence of the Regio Tratturo produced over the centuries in this important area of Apulia. The stories will be available in the coming months for anyone who wants to learn more about this topic.