Zeranta accompanies the Reggia di Colorno, the little Versailles of the Duchy of Parma in the heart of Emilian history, in a Visitor Journey renewal plan structured in several steps.
The first area of intervention is a space on the ground floor in which individual visitors or groups of students will be able to learn, through a video projected on the wall, some stories related to the place. Narrating them will be a costumed female character who through an ironic and non-didactic storytelling will create curiosity, inviting the users to deepen the visit to discover more. The space will in fact have a welcoming function but also a laboratory function, for visitors and schoolchildren who will be able to elaborate here the many stories that make up the great History of the Reggia.

Continuing on to the upper floor of the palace, thanks to the new visitor journey, the passage between the rooms on the piano nobile will be strengthened and enhanced, particularly the Staff Room, located along the path between Maria Luigia’s Fortepiano Room and the Duchess’s Chinese Parlour Room. The installation intervention designed for this space will make the visit a certainly impactful experience. Zeranta will be responsible for creating a highly immersive installation, a multimedia room in which the visitor, standing in the center of the room, will be able to watch a 360-degree video show involving the surfaces of the walls. Images and sounds related to the history of the women of the Reggia di Colorno will be reproduced on them: the story of some important women who lived and left their mark here. The atmosphere is designed around a careful interplay of projections and audio sources that from the center of the room, thanks to a specially made structure, will allow a radial diffusion of the contents. In addition, some seats on the central structure will encourage visitors to linger and admire the show.

The Reggia di Colorno is a sumptuous historical mansion, the residence in time of the Farnese family, the Bourbons and Maria Luigia of Austria, in other words, a fascinating synthesis of histories and styles that will present itself to the public in a renewed guise through a tour that, thanks to images, voices and music, will recall distant suggestions of works, splendors and dynasties that have followed one another over the centuries, making this place today a unique cultural combination.

The first completed intervention was presented to Parma high school principals and teachers on February 26. The installation will be completed in June.