The Luigi Rovati Foundation Art Museum was awarded the Compasso d’oro ADI 2024 prize in the ‘Exhibition Design’ category,, with the jury’s motivation: ‘museographic and museological exhibition design that takes its cue from the relationship with the tradition of sculpture, creating an emotionally involving environment and emphasising the relationship between the user and cultural heritage‘.

This prestigious award underlines the excellence of Italian design and the fruitful collaboration between different creative and technological realities. In particular the prestigious design work of MCA Architects. Among the protagonists of this success is also us at Zeranta Edutainment, who played a key role in the realisation of the immersive and artistic visitor experience of the museum dedicated to Etruscan art.

A Winning Collaboration

For the Museum of Etruscan Art of the Rovati collection we designed the storytelling and produced all the multimedia contents of the visit experience: projections, video mapping and animated short films that help transform the visit to the museum into an engaging and instructive journey.

For several years our collaboration with the Mario Cucinella Architecs studio has been consolidated with a strong integration of skills: the international excellence of the studio has been combined with our specific professionalism regarding the design of the museum experience.

In particular, we want to thank, in addition to the supervision of our Art Director Iader Giraldi, the fundamental research and writing work of our chief author and project manager Roberto Pagliara, and the precious work of the technical director Stefano Tedioli who took care of all the technical and multimedia installations and Nico Canzoniero who composed all the music. For the visual part we thank the digital artist Tommaso Arosio, author of the digital carpet that animates the main room of the hypogeum created by Mario Cucinella and the Flatmind Video Production studio which, under our direction, created the animated shorts featuring the graphics of the artists Elisa Lipizzi, Federico Manzone, Mattia Moro and Martina Dorascienzi.

The Visiting Experience

The museum’s area dedicated to Etruscan art is a masterpiece of design and technology in which visitors can immerse themselves in history and culture through multimedia content that animates exhibits and historical settings. Projections and video mapping create an evocative atmosphere, while animated short films provide historical and cultural insights, making the experience visually fascinating as well as educational.

Compasso d'Oro award

The Compasso d’Oro is the oldest and most prestigious design award in Italy, established in 1954. This year’s edition, the 70th, placed emphasis on the quality of projects, with a focus on innovation, sustainability and social responsibility. The awards ceremony was held on June 20 at the Compasso d’Oro Square, in front of the ADI Design Museum, in the presence of distinguished personalities such as Umberto Cabini, president of the ADI Foundation, Luciano Galimberti, president of ADI, Giuseppe Sala, mayor of Milan, and Attilio Fontana, president of the Lombardy Region. The evening was presented by Claudia Conte.

Winning the Compasso d’Oro 2024 represents significant recognition for Zeranta Edutainment and all partners involved. This award highlights the importance of collaboration between design, technology, and storytelling to create high-level cultural experiences. With our work, we hope to have demonstrated how the intelligent use of multimedia technologies can enrich cultural heritage, making it accessible and fascinating to a wide and diverse audience.

The awarding of the Compasso d’Oro 2024 to the LUIGI ROVATI FOUNDATION ART MUSEUM project is a triumph that celebrates not only the excellence of Italian design, but also its ability to innovate and engage.

[Foto degli spazi espositivi: Giovanni De Sandre per Fondazione Luigi Rovati]